Murder Inna Dancehall is a website that exposes the violent and disrespectful lyrics conveyed in dancehall music towards the gay and lesbian community.

Although you might find it difficult to understand the lyrics which are written in Jamaican patois (batty man, chi chi man, funny man, fassy, faggot), they are all, nonetheless, pejorative appellations for gays.

Run Tings – Spragga Benz

Yow touch down, crazily insane
Jah Cold leading by far by miles(check di scoreboard)
By wah, bout 300 or 400 points, ok
Yow well tell dem dis inno, Jah Cold a di quarterback weh dem cyaa stop yuh nuh
Moving it, touchdown Red Square right here(Uh huh, mek dem know)

If a gun tings a yardman run tings
If a girl huntings dat a our fun tings
But rumpings anno our sumtings
Fyah pon a man a nyam man like dumplins
No clown ting, a money we counting
Jump pon di riddim and yuh know a hitbound ting
Spragga Benz lyrically dun already crown king
Nuff a try hard, cannot guh roun tings
Elevation big inna di nation
Chi chi man dj pon di radio station
Causing alot a hatred and frustration
To sway pon babylon plantation
Celebration, big up every straight man
Nah apologise to funny organisation
World end first if a dat dem ago wait pon
Rather fi guh get sumting and, get sumting and

(Chorus 2x)
Blaze pon dem Blaze up di fyah
Add a likkle more gas turn it up higher
More fyah board, 2 more tire
Badman a burn all corrupt empire

(Verse 2)
If a war ting wi a 10 star ting
Badda by far ting, bigga SLR ting
Body pon tar ting, no long talking
Lean bwoy is a dead bwoy walking
No asking, who wi endorsing
Gyal a show pum pum Spragga not passing
Stop fi a hour or a hour and half king
Two more gone pon di scoreboard charting
No illussion, a mi a fyah two john
Arms ammunition and di Uzi have in a fusion
Good a battle evil yuh affi guh choose one
Who fah side yuh deh pon, wah yuh inclusion
Well gi mi Susan, get inna relation
Put it on pon har and guh hol a meditation
Woman a di best ting inna Jah creation
Lean bwoy wi wi pop it off and step up inna yuh face

NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.
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