Murder Inna Dancehall is a website that exposes the violent and disrespectful lyrics conveyed in dancehall music towards the gay and lesbian community.

Although you might find it difficult to understand the lyrics which are written in Jamaican patois (batty man, chi chi man, funny man, fassy, faggot), they are all, nonetheless, pejorative appellations for gays.

Keep Di Hype Wit Mo'Fire – Capleton & Sizzla

(CAPLETON) yow sizzla tel dem who wi a R
Mr.Firemon dem hardheaded know who wi r
I and I live fine wit di help of Jah
dem still lokin' fo' apoligy
yew mam bowy Y You a walk like a huh fag
an yu a tel mi Dem bloodclaat nuh know capleton iz di worrior
di firemon, di prohit woe to di world
well you nuh a see tear on mi eyes
heartless mi sendin' eagle wit di bullet
mek dem sinner suffer
an you too fassy lock di bloody door
befo you hu hit di floor

(SIZZLA) Dry cry Capleton (right)

Mo' fire (SIZZLA) blaze up di fire
mo' fire on di land (SIZZLA) aight
my people flow wit di light (o pretty angle)
turn di light turn di light high
buss di dance don't stop keep goin' we christan
an yu on di basment brake di dance, brake di glass
grap di gurl push di ass hand on di tits
don't stop squeeze squeeze
dat nat trigger buddy bowy squeeze
ask fi sh horny den squeeze squeeze
(SIZZLA) push di feg push di feg SELASSIE I no like a hug
back to di girl
pick di leg pick de leg mek her streach aight
grap di ass grap di ass hand on di ass
grap di heart bun di place aight now separate
wi no like segregation so mi say
get to gether back to di dance look to di sky
rain bow rain bow rain bow on u knee pray to lord
pray to lord member di time Capleton a say
baby don't cry no mo' yeaaaaa di prophit in di house
wi need mo' fire you wit mi mo' mo' mo' fire
(CAPLETON) mash di place Mash di place mash di place
like judgment day keep di hype
mo' fire more fire mo' fire bun di land
fire di house like dem fag clan
hurry no time
Capleton expand di crime GET yo nine
you no se mi face smile wi got no time
pass di crime pass di crime
chop di head head chap di head head
wearin' a vest mi no aimin' di chest
headed to di head mi clever
mi no like di neighbor make noise forever
i bloodclat yo wit di gat droppin'yo fat
mi see a hole in yo back haha ha laughin' back
yo fake move bringin' yo to di worst hand
SELASSIE I no bond yew yew


stick up hiccup pop up act up den drop up
come back cliip up hold up
an den bleed up roll up lace up to run up
dem bold head don't like to see you grow up
stay up representin' di gracious god
dem run wit di paper
cause dem not know di prophit here fo' di caper
stashin' weed in dem ass sellin fast
whenever you try to tak get slap yew


no mo' lick mi kick dos who pick
I somehow bun di place mash up di fate
walk to di highest place
si SELASSIE I lookin' at mi face
I confess Middle East is di worst place
den burn di fag out of space
Selassie I say it's DISGRACE
afta wi communicate
Jah say dis no discrimnate
so Wi REBALE ON DEM FAG IN A TAG an elimnate
wi neve hate
so mi say a again
(capleton) burn dem burn dem bun dem
once again i travel monday tho sunday
walkin' to di vally mountain I stay
I lay to pray look at dis way
a hurt mi feet try to lead di sin
so mi dream been di true prophit
burnin' di courption as i walk on di street
bun dem bun dem bun dem
(SIZZLA) HAILE SELASSIE I never high never less
(CAPLETON) an JAH bless when wi stress
Helpless discuss as wi focus
to find a way to huh express
so a mi say nah forget but forgive
till di end dont you ever change yew

mam givi a wi a birth an you a turn to bi a curse
an di worst come dem bowy turn out to be a fag
dem gurl a lisbin an di gov't give dem di right to walk
an talk oooooowi judgment day won't forgive you
you naw have a right to Judge fi mi word
mi say anytin' dat reflect mi freedom just like dem
fag got dey freedom bleivi mi slasi not forgive dem
an Jah will cursify dem till den
Capleton an I will bun dem boambokelate
NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.
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