Murder Inna Dancehall is a website that exposes the violent and disrespectful lyrics conveyed in dancehall music towards the gay and lesbian community.

Although you might find it difficult to understand the lyrics which are written in Jamaican patois (batty man, chi chi man, funny man, fassy, faggot), they are all, nonetheless, pejorative appellations for gays.


I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays
Damm!! – Beenie Man.......(aka: Damn)


Well, I’m think of a new Jamaica
Mi come fi execute all a di gays
So all di man who send car from America
Send off 2000 gal fi come ?

Damm dem a spend batty man G’s
Dem and batty man a smoke trees

Repeat X3

Verse 1
Well come mek wi bun a fassy man shoes (bun a)
Fassy man pants (bun a)
Fassy man fly (bun a) fassy man ants (bun a)
Fassy man dawg (bun a) fassy man puss (buss a)
Bun a fassy walk and a fassy man look (bun a)
Fassy man house (bun a) fassy man car (bun a)
Fassy man near (bun a) fassy man far (bun a)
Bun a fassy club and a fassy nan bar
Try bun yu self from yu and fassy man pat

Verse 2

Well, booga man a live life which is degradable
Can’t come out inna di light because dem know sey dem shadable
Can’t believe dem bwoy dem would a move so persuavable
It come in like dem like life it is distrinable
Well if a coffin unnuh want it is available
Can’t believe dem bwoy ya dem a move so ordainable
Well how some bowy dem all a flex so incredible
Well if a dead yuh want dead day possible
Well some bowy dem all a sey dem a Arabian
Can’t believe some boy a move like a paladian
?? unnuh will get from some Canadian
If some boy dem all a move so autographical
And dem tell mi dem a punk biographical
So wi come fi kill dem out biological
Mek dem know sey dissa song, it geographical

Non complete
NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.
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