Murder Inna Dancehall is a website that exposes the violent and disrespectful lyrics conveyed in dancehall music towards the gay and lesbian community.

Although you might find it difficult to understand the lyrics which are written in Jamaican patois (batty man, chi chi man, funny man, fassy, faggot), they are all, nonetheless, pejorative appellations for gays.

Bun Batty Bwoy – Baby Cham.......(aka: Bun Fassy)

WoW, wow, wow, wow-wow, wow, wow, wow,
How dem fi stop Baby Cham now?
Uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh, Uh Huh
Bun fassy-hole and batty bwoy
Uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh, Uh Huh

When we ah bun batty bwoy
We nah do it and say sorry
Nah fear pussy-hole news them bwoy a carry
Nah waas we ah reach and the big grand finale
Go tell tell Maxi Priest and Larry
So when we a bun pussy-hole
We nah do it and say sorry
A try stop my food
Well we must bun yah farry
Hard we a work and ah drugs we a carry
A talk and fi yuh talk and tarry

The bredda them a fuck up the system
And at the end of the day we are the victim
So if a guy flex like fassy-hole and a deal with your cool
Fuck him up when you hold him
Cadda the bredda dem claat fi we eeda
Dem a pressure and fight yuh with the media
So when we shotta friend buck dem up
And BUST their make up
We nuh sorry fi dem need yah
Nah friend dem


We notice the pussy move like a mockery
Naah, Queen of the rich
And we a work in a factory
Eee as a likkle DJ
Me a try fi make my way
And dem a pressure me
Nah not to fuck with
So anytime we a see a fassy-hole me fire bun dem
Fassy know not to come out people fi run dem
Call dem a shotta dem a see it
Say a "we a waan fi dweet"
And a nuff people want we fi dun dem


NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.
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