title:. Caribbean Nights
artist:. Bob Marley & The Wailers
director:. Jo Mendell, Charles Chabot
producer:. Anthony Wall, Nigel Finch
executive producer:. Chris Blackwell, Alan Yentob
company:. Arena / Island Visual Arts
year:. 1986
length:. 86 mins
country:. UK
genres:. documentary
TV channel:. BBC
broadcast date:. 1986...(exact date unknown)
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VHS released date:. 1988...(or 1991)
DVD released date:. November 8, 2005
narrator:. Darcus Howe
interviews:. • Rita Marley (Bob Marley's wife)
• Peter Tosh (reggae musician, member of The Wailers)
• Chris Blackwell
(producer, founder of Island Records)
• Joe Higgs (reggae musician, musical coach)
• Neville Garrick (Wailers' Art Director)
• Cedella Booker (Bob Marley's mother)
Judy Mowatt (singer, I-Threes)
• Sticko (friend of Marley)
• Chinaman (neighbour of Captain Marley)
• fishermen in Bull Bay, St. Andrew
marley footage:. • New Zealand interview (1979)
• Gil Noble interview (1980)
• Bob Marley playing football
• interview at Tuff Gong recording studio (1980)
Italian Interview (1979)
• Maori greeting ceremony (1979)
• Canada AM Interview (Toronto, 1978)
• Norvegian Interview
performances:. • No Woman No Cry (Amandla Festival, Boston, 1979)
• Bad Card (rehearsal, 1980)
• Trenchtown Rock (Live At The Rainbow, 1977)
• Stir It Up (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1973)
• Rastaman Chant (
unknown venue, 1973)
• Slave Driver (Sundown, Edmonton, 1972)
• Concrete Jungle (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1973)
• Lively Up Yourself (
filmed for television, 1974)
• War (Smile Jamaica concert, 1976)
• Jammin' (One Love Peace Concert, 1978)
• Jammin' (Live At The Rainbow, 1977)
• Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Independence Day, 1980)
• Redemption Song (
JBC television, 1980)
other footage:. • construction of the mausoleum (1981)
• Trenchtown, Kingston
(filmed in the 70's)
• ska dance (filmed around 1966)
• unknown group rehearsing
(filmed in 1970s)
• scene from the movie The Harder They Come (1972)
• visit of Haile Selassie in Jamaica (1966)
• crown of Haile Selassie (1930)
• rasta community in Bull Bay, JA
(filmed around 1981)
• Bob Marley Museum
(filmed around 1985)
• political tensions (filmed around 1976)
• scene of the assassination attempt (filmed around 1985)
• Record pressing plant (filmed around 1985)
• Zimbabwe Independence (1980)
• Bob Marley funeral (1981)
• and several other footage filmed in Jamaica
note:. The DVD contains 19 minutes of bonus material filmed around 2005: guided tour of Bob Marley's first house (Nine Miles, JA), his mausoleum (Nine Miles, JA) and the Bob Marley Museum (Kingston, JA).
text on the VHS sleeve:. to be included
interesting text:. "Caribbean Nights" was initially released in 1986. The week that Marley passed in May of 1981, South-African born director Jo Menell, former head of the BBC's documentary division (who had once been briefly engaged to the granddaughter of Haile Selassie, the God of the Rastafarian faith), was hired by Chris Blackwell to direct a film on Marley's life. The project was still-born when many of those closest to Bob refused to be part of it. Another director was brought in, only to be dropped himself. Five years later, the Beeb pushed hard to make a Marley film of their own, and suddenly, according to commentator Linton Kwesi Johnson, three thousand pounds of films and videos showed up at their door. Lacking the full story, however, Anthony Wall and Nigel Finch flew to Kingston to film more footage. This was then combined with the Menell-directed interviews of Blackwell, Rita Marley, Cedella Booker (Bob's mother), and the Bull Bay Rasta community... (text by Roger Steffens)

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interesting link:. visit Joe Wein's webpage for transcripts.
personnal comment:. excellent documentary, strongly recommanded