What is Organic Food?

As some of my friends have fun to say: it's food that you pay twice the price for exactly the same thing! Well, it may look the same as food purchased in a regular supermarket, but it's produced differently. In two sentences: it's more healty for you, more healty for the earth and it even taste better.

How come? Well, if it bears a CERTIFIED ORGANIC label on the product, it means that it has been produced acording to strict regulations such as :

Grown without chemical fertilizer. The farmer will use manure instead or compost of organic material such as tree leaves.
Grown without chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
Some alternative ways are used to get rid of the undesired insects.
The seeds are not genetically modified. If you want to learn more about this subject,
look under GE FOOD on this website.
Monoculture are not allowed. The farmer plant several crops on his land and make the rotation of cultures to renourish the earth by letting a plot lie fallow.
In the case of an animal product (milk, cheese, eggs, meat...), it means that the animal is fed with organic food, raise without being given anti-biotics, hormones, chimicals supplements or unnessecary vaccines. The animal is raise in a decent environment and without stress!
The food you purchase won't be irradiated by ionizing radiations, like it's the case for some of the food found in grocery stores to give them a longer stay on the shelves.
Stupidities like putting wax on apples to make them more appealing is not allowed.
In other words, it's agriculture as it was in the old days and as it should be! Having such strict regulations inevitably raise the cost of farmers procedures, which explain the high prices of this category of food. Some texts that I read even go as far as saying that it's more nutritious, which makes sense to me. But apparently, studies have proven that organic food is not more nutritious. Who to believe?