This website is dedicated to true food

In the world that we are living in, it becomes harder and harder everyday to be able to eat decent food. Over the last eight years, I have found a growing interest in feeding myself the best possible way. I strongly believe that chemicals are not part of a healthy diet. I also became vegetarian, but that was more of a spiritual choice than a healthy choice.

The website will first promote organic agriculture and fair trade, then will explain the nonsense of GE-food, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizer, food additives and irradiation inside today's food. It is made with the sole intention to raise awareness. It also contains alternatives to pesticides. I don't claim to be a health professional, I am just a citizen that has read several articles on various subjects related to food and decided to share the information. Each subject will be discuss briefly and I will then redirect you to other websites if you wish to learn more.

I have started to eat organic when I first read about genetically engineered crops. I was extremely disgust to find out that we were actually eating these food without even being told about it. I then became involve in a group of citizen at the end of 1999, devoted to raise people awareness about the hidden facts of that new technology. I have read hundreds of articles on that subject alone. Before you leave the website, make sure you print the table in the Food Additives section. I deeply hope that all the information I am communicating is accurate.

English is my second language. The site is presently under construction. Eventually all the texts will be revised.

If you can afford it and believe it's a decent alternative, encourage organic farming. Or even better, grow your own food! But if you do so, beware of the seed's provenance.

What is Ital?

[Pronounced high-tal]. Coming from the word vital, ital is part of the rastamans' vocabulary, elaborated in Jamaica in the late 50's and through the 60's. In our comon language, it would sound similar to real, true or even roots. Usually when they use that word, they would place it next to food, to designate something that comes from the creator compare to something that is unpure or that was manufactured with chemicals. Even though I don't consider myself a rasta, I have been greatly influence by their culture and specially by Bob Marley's message.

Updates and PDF

When I will found articles of interest, I will convert them in PDF format and link them at the end of the specific section. If you come back in a few months, this is where you should find new items on the site. The articles will be save in the Acrobat PDF format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader instal on your computer, click on the link below to download it for free: