Tired of Injustice?

You think that slavery was abolished in 1834? Well think again! Today there are more slave in the world that there was 400 years ago when European countries exported africans and indians into their sugar plantations. Slavery has evolve into many forms since. Some of the rules are just less visible. One of them is the set up of an extremely low market prices, established by multinationals for the main exportations of Southern countries.

As consumers, when can put a stop to these practices. Look for products that bear the logo FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED (click here for the list of logos). By purchasing such a product, you favor an exchange of goods with Southern countries by respecting human rights. Take a look at the list of advantages you will help to provide:

The employee that work on the field or the factory will get a decent salary.
The employee that work on the field or the factory will work a descent amount of hour per week. In other terms, will be guaranteed a minimum amount of hours and will also not exceed an undesired amount of hour per day or per week.
Very young children and pregnant women are not force to work. A pregnant woman will not be fired because of her condition. Production do not allow child slavery.
The production respect the environment.
The export organization or company will make sure that all the cost production of their crops or goods are meet.
The export organization or company give a sum of money to the farmer or the factory before the production starts, to avoid debts and financial dependence towards banks.
An agreement for a long term trading relationship, which allows local producers a security to plan future expansions.
It encourage cultural exchanges between the South and the North.
Although I haven't been on fields or factories to verify work conditions, I which to think that producers allows their employees breaks and decent time to eat their lunch. Facilities for drinkable water and washrooms, when possible. Adequate ventilation when the use of chemical is requested in manufacturing a good. Even possibilities for children to work half time (when work is requested by their family), so they can attempt school. No discrimination for choosing the employee towards their gender, nationality or religion.