Climb Mt. Gimie with Jah Bless
I’ve been to several Carribean islands but my favorite will always be St. Lucia. For the warmth of the people and also for it’s luxurious vegetation. Walking the rainforest throught an establish trail is one nice thing, but if you are like me, you also enjoy going through rougher trail that you absolutely need a guide not to get lost.

In my last trip, I met a very nice man named Jah Bless. He was my guide through the rainforest. He asked me to give him a little hand to promote his job. With this webpage, I would like to introduced to you.

He offers a very nice day trip through the rainforest, all the way up to the top of Mt. Gimie, the highest mountain of the island (3118 ft). The peak offers a very nice view of the whole island. He is calm, relax and will adjust to your speed of walk.

How to Find Him
He doesn’t have a phone, so you would have to take arrangements dirrectly with him, at his home. He is located at the end of Fond St.Jacques, which is about 30 minutes drive est of Soufrirere. It’s exactly the same road that goes all the way up to the Edmond Forest Reserve. You can also go there by bus, from Soufriere. The bus will leave you at the end of the paved road in Fond St. Jacques. Then once you reach there, you will have to walk for 20 minutes along that same road. His house is the last one on the road on your left-hand side. Asked anyone you meet, they all seems to know Jah Bless in Fond St. Jacques, which is my favorite neighbourhood on the island. If he is not at his house, Lucie, his girlfriend may be there. He can also be found on farming on his land, next to his house. So if nobody answer at the door, you may try to shout a few time is name.

His Rates
To give you an idea, he charged me 80$ US for a full day trip through the rainforest, which lasted 7 hours. For couple or group rates, you will have to see with him. Note that this price was for a trip in 2004.

His schedule
He offers the rainforest walk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He preferes to start early, between 7 and 8 o’clock. But he seems flexible, regarding day and hours. I suggest that you take an appointment a few days in adavance.

I which you a pleasant walk, discovering the beauty of St. Lucia.

PS: I also strongly suggest the vegetarian restaurant Jah Lamb, located in Soufriere. Open from 11 untill 5 pm, Monday through Friday.