The Reggae Compassionate Act – How to get your artist to sign the contract

At time of writing (July 2007), I was still looking for a specific conatct, phone number or email address for any manager who wants to get a copy of the Reggae Compassionate Act for their artist to sign. So far Beenie Man, Sizzla, Capleton and Buju Banton have signed the contract. OutRage! is still waiting for Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, TOK and Vybz Kartel to signed the document. All these artist were part of their Stop Murder Music campaign, launch in July 2004.

As far as I'm concern, a few more artists should signed this contract before being invited overseas to perform. According to my research, to name a few, Shabba Ranks, Baby Cham, Alozade, Spragga Benz, Mad Cobra, Jigsy King, Kiprich, Harry Toddler, Dr. Evil, Krys, Admiral T and Ward 21 are all artists that expressed hate and violence towards the gay and lesbian community. For a more detailed list of artists, see the SONGS & LYRICS section of this website or even the NEWS & HISTORY section to find out which artist use their stage performance in the Caribbean to spread hate against gays & lesbians. A decent promoter that wants to bring an artist in Europe or America should make shure that the artist do not preach intolerence or violence, not even in the Caribbean. Some artists have made the mistake of such behavior. If they are ready to leave their homophobic past behind them, they should be rewarded with a passport to move on and, at present time, the name of that document is the Reggae Compassionate Act.


NOTE: In an article, I have found the following names that worked on the contract. It seems that the person to contact might be Eddie Brown of Pride Music UK. At the end of the article, contacts from OutRage!, Black Gay Men's Advisory Group and J-FLAG were given.

... The Reggae Compassionate Act was negotiated by Eddie Brown of Pride Music UK, with the support of the promoters Michel Jovanovic (Mediacom France), Klaus Maack (Contour Germany), Peter Senders (Panic Productions Holland), Fabrizio Pompeo (Tour de Force Italy), Julian Garcia (Roots and Vibes Spain) and Tim Badejo (Dubble Bubble Scandinavia). Peter Tatchell recalls: "Negotiations over the RCA began in March this year," he said, recounting how, "Eddie Brown of Pride Music U.K. - not a gay company despite the name, but a straight reggae promotion and PR firm - approached me expressing concern that the 'murder music' tag was harming the Jamaican music industry. He admitted the SMM boycott campaign had hit the artists hard financially and also damaged promoters like him. He offered to try to broker a deal to end the singers' incitements to murder LGBTs . Our aim is to stop murder music, so we agreed to cooperate. Eddie acted as the go-between." Then, Tatchell said, "Within the framework agreed with J-Flag, OutRage!, and BGMAG, Dennis Carney of BGMAG and I drafted the statement, and I sent it to Eddie Brown. Our draft consciously pitched it to reject all hatred and violence, and to appeal to reggae's tradition of one love, peace, and justice." After that, Tatchell told me, "Eddie forwarded our version to the singers and to his fellow reggae promoters. The artists rejected our first draft and we rejected the revised version they sent back to us. The title Reggae Compassionate Act was the idea of Eddie and his fellow promoters. Eventually, Eddie and his colleagues accepted our second draft, which was a slightly softer-worded version than the first. Nevertheless, it included all the essential points we wanted. He then put our new version to the singers on our behalf. One by one the four artists agreed to sign it." According to Tatchell, "Eddie arranged the actual signatures with the artists while some of them were in Jamaica and while others were on tour. He negotiated face-to-face with some of their managements. The four signed agreements were delivered to him. He then sent us PDFs of these signed documents, which I have put on my Web site." Tatchell added, "Eddie is totally confident that all four artists have signed - and we have their signatures, including Banton's and Beenie Man's, to prove it".
(GayCity News) (UK Gay News)

Peter Tatchell – OutRage!
UK - + 44 (0)20 7403 1790 (office)
Brett Lock – OutRage!
UK - + 44 (0) 770 843 5917 (mobile)
Eddie Brown – Pride Music International
UK - +440 (20) 86651044
Dennis Carney – Black Gay Men’s Advisory Group
UK – + 44 (0) 7973 188 280 (mobile)
Gareth Williams – J-Flag Jamaica
00 1 876 754 8704 (office) and 00 1 876 455 2785 (mobile)
Karlene – J-Flag Jamaica
00 1 876 855 2150 (mobile)

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