The OutRage! website seems to be closed definitively for unknown reasons. While doing my research, it was sometimes opperative but most of the time it was not in function. Maybe the work of hackers or simply a condition to the February 2005 deal reached within the dancehall industry and gay organisations.

In any cases, this is the way the text originally appered on their webpage.
Beenie Man's PR denies apology

Outrage! News Service
August 4, 2004
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Within 24 hours of Virgin Records issuing a supposed apology from Jamaican reggae singer Beenie Man over his incitements to murder gay people, Clyde McKenzie, head of public relations for Beenie Man's management company Shocking Vibes, told Radio Jamaica that the statement was not a specific apology to gay people, that it was initiated by Virgin Records not by Beenie Man, and that Beenie Man reserved his right to continue criticising "the homosexual lifestyle", of which he did not approve. Radio Jamaica (RJR, 94FM), Tuesday evening 6.45pm, 3 August 2004.

Brett Lock of OutRage!, who was also part of the interview, said: "Despite being asked several times, Clyde McKenzie strenuously denied that the statement was an apology to gay people or for homophobic lyrics. He insisted it was just a general condemnation of violence," said Mr Lock. "The so-called apology seems to be nothing more than a PR stunt dreamt up by Virgin Records to stave off protests against Beenie Man in the lucrative European and North American markets. But in Jamaica - where an apology would do the most good - Beenie Man's PR machine is pulling out all the stops to disassociate him from the Virgin Records statement," said Mr Lock.