Transcript of the Xmas Extravaganza

Concert: Extract of 'Xmas Extravaganza' (posted on YouTube)
Venue: GT Taylors
Location: Black River, Jamaica
Date: December 25, 2007
Artists: Sizzla & Capleton
Link: YouTube
Duration: 9m59

This is the first proof that was officially found where Capleton is not respecting his signature of the Reggae Compassionate Act. The Transcript was done by Stop Murder Music Bern and J-Flag. For those of you who are not familliar with Jamaican terms, 'Battyman' means gay and 'Sodomite' means lesbian.


First, only Sizzla is on stage performs "Give me a Try" (in a "non-violent" mood, saying "All who kill say bullet", etc.), (at 1:36 he pulls the falala song and says it again) he deliberately leaves out some offending parts and allows the audience to sing, a tactic used to avoid accusations. He then performs "Nookie" "Nah Rape" (have to get a girl's vagina but won't rape her) he then performs "No Way" (anti-oral sex song).

(3:28) Capleton shows up.

(3:36) He opens asking "All who bun battyboy and sodomite?" he pulls up the song and repeats his opening remarks..then performs "Don't Change" Sizzla takes the mic and asks "All who know they don't suck pussy (oral sex)? show lighters" then he performs "Big Long Guns" (a song to incite murder by gunfire).

(6:09) Capleton returns and performs "Bad mind" then infuses "All a who a bun battyman n both hands and you don't suck cocky or pussy (oral sex) and uses chants "tun e up" (a subtle way to say kill) he then urges participation and indicates that those who don't are gays then.

(6:22) Sizzla returns and echoes his original intro "Kill battyman n sodomite" and continues "Kill dem outa de place" then performs a rare relase "Fire bun dem" then exits the stage. He returns for an encore...performs "Take it" Capleton returns and begins with "Toppa tings" he talks about some wave then continues speaking "Mi nah stop bun battyman"..... then as clear as day he says it.

(9:45) "Battyman fi dead di yuth em right bout that" then performs the song till...