Murder Inna Dancehall is a website that exposes the violent and disrespectful lyrics conveyed in dancehall music towards the gay and lesbian community.

Although you might find it difficult to understand the lyrics which are written in Jamaican patois (batty man, chi chi man, funny man, fassy, faggot), they are all, nonetheless, pejorative appellations for gays.

Must Come A Road – Mr. Vega

the fassy inform 'pon me in a court
but me must come a road
him go tell the feds of my ganja boat
but me must come a road
me no inform, me prefer get deport
'cause me must come a road
big up the man them 'pon the fort
'ca' me must come a road

informer testify
the fassy them did want see me fry
but my business multiply
my customer them have full supply

all the one Danny
'weh' inform 'pon we right now put him in the Caddy
six foot six them send him to him granny
wait 'til we catch him friend informer Ronny

me must get parole
some say them hot a road but me still cold
gangsta no go jail go play man role
straight razor blade in a shoes insole

money in a billfold
hustler 'fi' go-on gangsta brave and bold
sharpen tooth brush fi bad mind fassyhole
want we stay a jail 'til we gray and old

no go jail go snitch
no go a jail go turn niggabitch
some lost in the system so them start snitch
some can't hold it out them turn big time fish

NOTE: these lyrics were found on the internet. They might differ from the song.
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