Before dancehall, there was reggae. It was the voice of the ghetto: rebel music claims for equal rights, love and justice for all mankind. But bad vibrations have found their way into this beautiful way of thinking and polluted a fair percentage of the today’s music.

As there are very negative lyrics included in this website, I’ve decided to balance them with uplifting quotes from some of my favorite
reggae songs.

Irie ites, irie feeling, Irie love, irie meaning. Wake up and face the morning sun, there's so much love outside for you, anything you want, it can be done, so Irie is the feeling for you! We gonna rock it yeah! As a musical youth out there, we got to keep on moving, As a rootical youth out there, we ain't got no time for skylark there, As a musical youth out there, everlasting children, we keep the music rockin'. Irie ites, irie feeling, Irie love, irie meaning!

Irie Ites - Third World - 1979

Let them all pass their dirty remarks (One Love), There is one question I'd really love to ask (One Heart), Is there a place for the hopless sinner, who has hurt all mankind just to save his own? Believe me. One love, one heart, let's get together and a feel alright! Hear the children crying (One Love), Hear the children crying (One Heart) Alright, Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right, Let's get together and feel alright.

One Love/People Get Ready - Bob Marley & The Wailers - (1965) 1977

Everyone is crying out for peace, None is crying out for justice. I don't want no peace, I need equal rights and justice, Got to get it, Equal rights and justice.

Equal Rights - Peter Tosh - 1977

Riding on the wings of a dove was a message from above / Over the hills and valleys there's a stream of love / Out of our reach 'cause of the way we choose to be / Can you see we got so many souls in need / Indeed there's so many ways to find the way to communicate about the facts of life / It's out there so come and share this vibe with me under the umbrella of love let's keep it tight, alright . We need positive people with positive ways Every man working equal towards a brighter day We need to have faith That all good things will come true The better days I pray for are for me and you. Everybody sing: Freedom for every black man Freedom for every white man Freedom for every Indian 'Cause we believe some day here on earth Every man will be free!

Freedom - Morgan Heritage - 1999 •

Do you know what it means to have a revolution? And what it takes to make a solution? Fighting against oppression, battering down depression, yo yeah, oh yeah. Are you ready to stand up and fight the right revolution? If yo wanna live live live live on forever you go to love love love love each other, say you go to live, live, live, live on forever and love, love, love, love one another.

Revolution - Dennis Brown - 1984 •

They don't want to see us unite, they don't want to see us live together. All them want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting!
The broderly love, the sisterly love, I feel this morning.

Top Ranking - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 1979

You teaching youths to learn in school, that cow jump over moon. You teaching youths to learn in school, that the dish ran away with spoon.
So You can't blame the youth, you can't fool the youth You can't blame the youth You can't fool the youth
When every Christmas come, you buy the youth a pretty toy gun. When every Christmas come, you buy the youth a fancy toy gun
So You can't blame the youth, you can't fool the youth You can't blame the youth You can't fool the youth. Don't blame them Not their fault!

You Can't Fool The Youth - Peter Tosh - 1973 •

Don't you look at me so smug, and say I'm going bad. Who are you to judge me, and the life that I live?
I know that I'm not perfect, and that I don't claim to be. So before you point your fingers, be sure your hands are clean.
The road of life is rocking, and you may stumble too. So while you talk about me, someone else is judging you.
Judge not, before you judge yourself. Judge not, So while you talk about me, someone else is judging you.

Judge Not - Bob Marley - 1962 •

Jah is I light and salvation, whom shall I fear?Jah de protector of I life, of whom shall I be afraid?
Hypocrite inna broad daylight, parasite inna dim light, Dreadlocks in moonlight, baldhead at sunrise.

Drealocks At Moonlight - Lee "Scratch" Perry - 1976 •

No more cryin', Oh no, no more weepin', Oh no, no more mournin', Shout it out, I say loud and clear, Tell them that you know we are free again, Free again, Go tell my bradda - we are free again. Go tell my sista - we are free again. Freedom - free again, Freedom - free again

Shout It Out - Burning Spear - 1977 •

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. We forward in this generation, triumphantly.Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom.

Redemption Song - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 1980 •

I don't know what's wrong with the youths of today, I really don't know what's wrong with the youth of today. Everyday they talk about love, but they don't show the meaning of love. The work of love is a holy work, so my bredren, don't you sit in vain, It's not right in the sight of Jah. One day they'll know the meaning of love.

Youths Of Today - Horace Andy - 1978

Now a days when you go to dance, you'd really love to hear a little classic, but the music that they play is so deplorable, that you cannot even play it for the children in the house. Let the good music play. Please selector let the music play!

Selector - Culture - 1991

Want you to know that I am the man who, Fight for the right, not for the wrong, Going there, I'm growing there, helping the weak against the strong, soon you will find out the man I'm supposed to be, Help this man, don't trouble no man, But if you trouble that man it will bring a bam bam, What a bam bam, Bam bam!

This man, don't trouble no man, He know you go to nourish man, This man, don't trouble no man, This man is friend and is trying to trouble no man, That's if you trouble this man, It going to bring a bam bam!

Bam Bam - Toots & The Maytals - 1966 •

We refuse to be, what you wanted us to be. We are what we are, that's the way it's going to be, if you don't know
You can't educate I, for no equal opportunity. Talking about my freedom, people freedom and liberty
Yeah, we've been trodding on, the winepress much too long. Rebel, Rebel! We've been trodding on the winepress much too long, Rebel

Babylon System is the Vampire, sucking the children day by day. Me say the Babylon System is the Vampire, sucking the blood of the sufferers
Building church and university, deceiving the people continually. Me say them graduating thieves and murderers. Tell the children the truth!

Babylon System - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 1979

See a brother just say one love and let Jah good vibes. You see a sister just say one love and let Jah good vibes flow.
You see an elder just say one love. Set the examples for the youths. You see an elder just blessed love, and see Jah love shine through.
We don't need no more of the bad vibes, no more of the war and the gun fight. Mother nature show signs of a new time

Say what we need is love to help love grow, If I ain't love its really gonna have to go
We share love, we be love, we deal love, this one is sent from Zion up above yo. I give love, you see love, we deal love

What We Need Is Love - Morgan Heritage - 2001 •

Beyond your individual boundary, beyond the family boundaries, go beyond your tribal boundaries, and beyond your social boundaries
yes, beyond the national boundaries: Universal Love, Universal Love. Go beyond your religious boundaries, and beyond the politicial boundaries. Yes, beyond the commercial boundaries, and beyond the sexual boundaries, yes, beyond the racial boundaries: Universal Love, Universal Love."

Universal Love (Beyound The Boundaries) - Jimmy Cliff - 1978

Your s
ister ain't a bitch, nu matter how yu rich, Yu gotta find some positive communication, If your so limited, yu gotta deal wid it Because your sister is de mother of creation, Your sister ain't a hoe, de prophet said so, Yu better check yu history and let yu knowledge grow, So what yu saying now? I gotta let yu know dat unity is cool and dat's the way to go. Brother yu gotta be responsible, Brother yu gotta get in touch wid yu senses, and when yu do stuff, yu must face de consequences. If necessary brother I will contradict ya. To be a man yu gotta respect yu sister

Responsible - Benjamin Zephaniah - 2005

Don't let problems get you down, it will put you in a hole. Just have faith and remember Jah, he will guide you along, with his heart and soul. Remember brothers and sisters, problems a must, it comes and goes any time, so don't do wrong. Those who sow the good seeds shall surely reap plenty of food to eat for their family, eternally.

Don't Let Problems Get You Down - Horace Andy - 1978

We must listen to the youths, we must listen to their needs. Their desires and their aspirations, than we can proceeds. Instead of spending all the time to change society. We must give the youths the power, to control their destiny,'cause without dem, there is no future, they are our shinning light. It's essential for our people to keep dem shinning brigh. And I know they've got the power, and I know they've got the mind. And I'm confident the youth will make it all alright!
(one of my favorite songs in the pass years. Please take a moment to read the whole songs: click here to read the lyrics)

All About The Youths - Macka B - 2003

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