In this section, I will provide information found on the Internet connected to homophobia depicted in dancehall music
plus the evolution of the topic in the Caribbean context from 1976 to present time




January 9, 2015: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! Mista Majah P challenge Sizzla and Bounty Killer
Mista Majah P, the Jamaican artist that devoted the recent years of his career to challenge homophobia in Jamaican music is currently working on his third concept album. On January 9, he posted a statement on YouTube in which he calls on the church and Jamaican artists that still haven't cleaned their act. He addresses the clip to two dancehall artists that have a huge homophobic repertoir of songs that haven't publicly denouned that they would stop performing hatered music. He specially calls on Sizzla who is still promoting violence to LGBT when he's on stage, showing a clip recorded in late December 2014 (Hotshot 2014, Guys Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica). "Enough is enough! Me want to have a debate with you Sizzla... Me not inna gun talk... Leave the gay lyrics... leave the homophobia alone".
Maverick Challenge Sizzla)

February 12, 2015: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT (PART 2): new clip sure to generate a lot of reactions
This new clip posted on YouTube By Mista Majah P (aka: The Maverick) is sure to generate a lot of reactions. Make sure to take the appropriate time to watch the whole thing. Even if all will not agree with the way he chose to aproaching the subject, he is covering a lot of ground and adresses important issues. He sure has a lot of guts and deserve to be listened to. Hope that the singers that have planted these seeds of hate have to guts to communicate with him for the public debate he is requesting on the topic. MORE ON THE LINKS BELOW.
Maverick Challenge – Part 2) (Poster for the challenge No.1) (Poster for the challenge No.2)

March 5, 2015: Mista Majah P radio interview on Detroit's Rockers Corner Radio
On March 5th, Mista Majah P was invited on Sista Dee's Rockers Corner Radio show. It's a substantial interview that last 3 hours where she invites her audience to be open, not call for bashing but allow the show to be about reasoning and overstanding the artist's quest for tolerance of the gay and lesbians community.
Rockers Corner Radio) (Poster Of The Show)

PERSONAL COMMENTS: I salute the fact that a roots reggae oriented radio show with a noticable visibility on the Internet make space for that subject and devote the whole show. Although I have three comments: FIRST: I think the legal notice on the poster for the show (see link above) is quite exagerated. The text could have simply be the opinion of the guest does not necessarly represent the opinion of the host and the radio station' Instead it's an unecessary bold statement that looks like a caricature of how the Caribbean community has trouble to deal with that topic in a neutral way. Here's the text taken from the poster: "DISCLAIMER: The views and ideological position expressed by our featured guest DO NOT at all, in any way, represent those of the host, Rockers Corner Radio, or any member or member station of CNP, nor does our invitation for civil discourse with said guest constitute a compromise of our own views and positions".

SECOND: I think the 7-minute pre-recorded clip by Doctor Whomaja (I don't know the proper spelling of the family name) wasn't appropriate to welcome a peaceful reasong on the subject. From my point of view, that's speech is an excellent example of a talented spokesperson, that call himself 'doctor', that uses numbers and dates to make the listener believe he knows his subject but in fact expose a tissue of lies, express in a passionate way to rally people that already feed from the discrimination agenda regarding the emancipation of gay rights. This type of speech is just fuelling animosity and I hope that people are able to think for themsleves and see through. I really have trouble with heterosexuals who pretend they know for a fact that homosexuality is not inborn and is an acquired perversion that can be cured. Too many people knows how to manipulate crowds and that just create divisions. (The speech can be listened at the 8th minute of the program).

THIRD: I haven't listened to the whole show yet, but I feel like commenting on one of the observation brought by Sista Dee: She feels like the homosexual lobby is just pushing thir agenda too much by including gay charaters in TV programs, she feels like she is being imposed a lifestyle that she doesn't want to be advertised in the everyday life. Well, we have been fed with heterosexual lifestyle all our life, with three spoons at the same time. It's everywhere: newspapers, magazines, schools, TV, radio, films, music, art, commercials. It's EVERYWHERE to a point where people who have a different sexual orientation mostly have zero point of references. We represent 5% of the population, therefore it's just fair enough that 5% of the global culture should be representative. To the same extend that Afro Americans and Caribbean duely deserve a representing image in all aspect of our society. We are tired of hiding for the comfort of heterosexuals who are unable to work out differences just because it 'may' shake their system of believes. For many years there was (and there still) that parallel world where gay people have their clubs, cinemas, movies, literature, restaurants, organisations and so forth. It serves it's purpose, but I don't believe in ghettoization. I think ghettoization weakens society. With a heart at the right place and common sence we can work our differences and make this world a nicer a much richer place to live.

These comments are observations and not intend for disrespect. Again I salut the initiative to open a dialogue. I'd like to welcome you, your team and your audience to watch the important movie 'Children Of God', filmed in Bahamas. It's a fiction, not a documentary, but paint a pretty good picture of the situation in the Caribbean. Closer to America, there is the film 'The DL Chronicles'. At present time, 'The DL Chronicles' are available on YouTube, but 'Children Of God' was removed for legal purpose (but the trailer remains). 'The DL Chronicles' features four episodes of 30 minutes. Personal favorite is the 'Boo' episode, but they are worth watching. I could also suggest many documentaries that deals with the daily struggle of LGBT from Caribbean, Africans or Afro-Americans origins. A good point to start, is make a research on the work and position of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Education is the key.

March 14, 2015: Too much su-su-su-su-su-su, too much watchie watchie you
This news is not related to the main subject of this website. I just saw a wonderful reggae clip and felt like sharing. I haven't been moved by recent Jamaican artists' music in a while but tonight is one of these nights. Chronixx clip for the song 'Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread)' will be remembered for very long. It beautifully transcend the addiction of people to electronic devices, something that is getting out of proportion. It features Inner Circle's band and it's using the riddim of 'Tenement Yard', one of my all time favorite reggae song (Jacob Miller, 1975). This new single was issued in early January.
Tenement Yard by Chronixx)

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NOTE: Due to my studies, the amount of time dedicated to update the websites are now limited. You can visit the following website, which provide a wide varity of Jamaican news related to LGBT issued. This is the best website that I found in recent years:
Gay Jamaica Watch




January 1, 2014: Sting banned Sizzla
TEXT FROM ARTICLE: Sizzla will no longer be able to perform at Sting, while D'Angel won't even be able to enter the venue during the event. "We had a meeting on Saturday and we, Heavy D and myself, came to the decision to ban Sizzla Kalonji and D'Angel from Sting. Sizzla was warned repeatedly before going onstage about not promoting hate music and he went up there and did it repeatedly. We are going international and we warned every artiste before they went on to the stage," said Laing. "We are banning D'Angel as a patron also. We don't want your money D'Angel. Stay home. Watch the event on pay-per-view," Laing told The Gleaner. "What kind of image is D'Angel portraying as a mother? She's saying she came to clash but that's not how the clash went. It was not about Ninja Man, she embarrassed herself. At least a five-year ban for D'Angel." At the time of the interview, the artistes had not yet learnt of the ban. D'Angel's phone went straight to voicemail, while efforts to contact Sizzla also proved futile. (more on the link below).
Jamaica Gleaner No.1) (Jamaica Observer No.2)

January 7, 2014: Sizzla canceled in Amsterdam
TEXT FROM ARTICLE: Jamaican dancehall artist Sizzla has been refused by Melkweg pop stage, a popular show podium in Amsterdam, over his anti-gay lyrics. Sizzla, born Miguel Orlando Collins, April 17 in 1976, was scheduled to perform on Sunday, March 16. People who already purchased tickets will be refunded, a Meldweg spokesperson announced on Monday. Melkweg staff on Sunday came across images of a festival in Jamaica where Sizzla performed. One of his songs was about how, in his opinion, men and women should not have sex with someone of the same sex. According to Sizzla his statement is based on the Bible. Sizzla thinks he should be able to make such a statement, in view of his right to freedom of speech. Apparently Melkweg does not share his opinion. (more on the link below)
Netherland Times)

February-March-April, 2014:
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April 3, 2014: Second Reggae album promoting tolerance towards LGBT
Jamaican artist Mista Majah P has more than ten albums under his belt and has been in the music business for more than twenty five years. In July 2011, he took us by surprise when he released 'Tolerance', the first pro-gay album made by a Jamaican artist, which is a milestone in itself, considering the level of homophobia in Jamaica. Despite the fact that he lost musicians partnership and received death threats after releasing 'Tolerance' in 2011, he is now coming in force with his new album 'The Closet Is Open', another album devoted on the topic. The album was launched on April 3rd and is now available for purchase on Amazon, CD Universe and CD Baby. Majah P (aka The Maverick) is proud to be Jamaican and to fight against homophobia, something we haven't witness much in Jamaican music over the years. Those shoes are very big fill, but The Maverick fit them very well. I've been studying this conflict for more than ten years and except from a few neutral comments given in interviews by some Jamaican artists and producers, very few had the guts to stand firm for tolerance, acceptance and criticizing the hate agenda of some of their peers. He is not shy on his journey to do things different than the mass. I had several interesting conversations with the artist over the years and Jamaica have many reasons to be proud of him riding the 'Tolerance Train'. His new album features the title track, issued in October 2013, with eight brand new songs, two club mixes and a refreshing remix of the 2012 single 'Karma'.

The album ventures different music style and the result works out very well. It features the single 'The Closet Is Open' and 'Don't Abandon Them Just Love Them'. Both include interviews segments with Jason Collins, the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport, where he talks about his coming out to his twin brother and the importance to be who you are. The songs 'Tolerance Train' and 'Murderer' will appeal to the reggae lovers. There's an anthem to British gay activist Peter Tatchell who founded OutRage! and was a key in addressing the growing level of homophobia in Jamaican music in 2003-2004 by starting the 'Stop Murder Campaign'. He was also part of the creating process for the 'Reggae Compassionate Act' in 2007. If homophobia in Jamaican dancehall has gone down over the years is mainly due to the huge LGBT movement that was done in Europe and America following the numerous actions stimulated by OutRage! There also the groovy track 'Tolerance', which is a different song than the one included on the previous album. One of my favourite is 'Stop With The Nonsense' which uses samples of Beenie Man's interview given in May 2012 to re-establish is credibility in order to be welcome at the Rototom SunSplash, one of the most important reggae festival in the world. The organizers gave Beenie Man a chance to be part of the festival by asking the artist to distance himself from his numerous homophobic songs. In conclusion, both albums ('Tolerance' and 'The Closet Is Open') proves that it's possible to explore sexual differences without being redundant. Really and trully, three thumbs up!

The Maverick is aiming for nothing less than a Grammy nomination in the reggae category. He needs support on his journey and he deserve it. The Gleaner, The Observer and The Jamaica Star should be ashamed of themselves for not talking about the album Tolerance in 2011, in a country where homophobia is such a problem, when an artist have the guts to do differently, he should be rewarded with a decent coverage. Let's hope that Jamaican newspaper will not ignore him this time. I rather see 'The Closet Is Open' to be nominated for 'Best Reggae Album' than to see 'Radical' by Sizzla in this category. What did Sizzla had in mind when he named his latest album 'Radical', probably a few things, but surly his hate agenda towards the LGBT was on the top of his list. If the grammy committee would do their job properly, we wouldn't see any of the artists that promote hatred and violence getting a nomination. And it would make space for people who are contributing for a better world. Make way for the 'Tolerance Train'. (The Closet Is Open) (Press Release no.1) (Press Release No.2) (Mista Majah P website)

NOTE: I have recieved Pre-release information by Five Star Management group, the management team in charge of promoting the artist. Which indicates March 31, but it seems the official date was April 3rd.

May 23, 2014: Queen Ifrica concert cancelled in New York
TEXT FROM ARTICLE: On May 23, Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand (JAHS) and City Councilman Daniel Dromm, an out gay Jackson Heights Democrat, picketed the Amazura Concert Hall in Jamaica, Queens demanding the cancellation of an appearance by Queen Ifrica, who in a 2010 performance told the crowd, “We are not going to legalize any faggotism in Jamaica.” Dwayne Brown, founder of JAHS, said in a release, “Queen Ifrica’s words help create a climate where human rights violations against LGBT Jamaicans are rampant.” In a written release, Dromm said, “Queens has historically been a haven for marginalized people around the world, including LGBT Jamaicans who have had to flee their country. I am proud to join with these brave activists who are using the freedom they have in this country to continue to fight for the embattled LGBT community in Jamaica.” The May 23 performance was canceled by club manager John Rios, who told the Jamaica Observer, “We’re not prejudiced against anyone. I welcome the gay community and we get along with everybody. Queen Ifrica lost her status as a UNICEF ambassador due to her 2010 anti-gay outburst but “has continued to use her performances to advocate for the criminalization and persecution of LGBT Jamaicans,” a JAHS release said. Brown told Gay City News, “She went to Canada and activists got her concert canceled and her work permit was pulled. So she has been trying to get work here in America.”
(Gay City News)

May 24, 2014: Jamaica gay activist murdered
TEXT FROM ARTICLE: Popular Montego Bay-based gay political activist Kenrick “Bebe” Stephenson was murdered outside his home earlier this week. According to reports, Stephenson was shot several times by armed thugs at the entrance to his home in Coral Gardens on Sunday night. Kenrick Stephenson, popularly known as Bebe, was a openly gay activist for the ruling Peoples National Party, PNP. “People might say a lot of things about him, but he was a loyal and dependable person,” saidMichael Troupe, who is Montego Bay Deputy Mayor. “He will be sadly missed.”Police officers told Urban Islandz that a motive for his murder is not yet known. But rumors are circulating claiming that Stephenson is a key player in the lottery scam epidemic in Montego Bay. (More on the link below)  
Urban Islanz) (Pink News)

June 7, 2014: Queen Ifrica: "Jamaicans are homosensitive"
TV Interview with Queen Ifrica for On Stage. She talks about her new album coming but specially about the tolerance (?!) of Jamaicans about homosexuality. EXCERP FROM GAY CITY NEWS: "In a YouTube video posted June 7, Queen Ifrica called her gay opponents “bullies” and said she wished “black people got the same tolerance as gay people.” She then challenged the gay community to “bring out the pedophiles among them.”"

NOTE: Interesting interview, although she completely going out of her mind when she's assume tha it should be the gay community to go an look for pedofiles and bring them to the authorities.
On Stage Interview) (Gay City News)

June 8, 2014: JAHS and CAFE fights for recognition of LGBT rights in New York & Pensylvania
Two groups have joined forces to fight for the recognition of Caribbean LGBT rights. Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stands (JAHS) and Caribbean Alliance For Equality (CAFE). JAHS was able to get Queen Ifrica's May concert to be cancelled but the two groups were unable to get Capleton's concert to be shut down the following week. TEXT FROM ARTICLE: The LGBT groups intend to keep the pressure up on venues that book Capleton, whose “murder lyrics… have been used to torture and murder innocent LGBTQ persons in Jamaica,” said Jason Latty, founder of CAFE. The group has also protested several US appearances by Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, who has reneged on bringing up a bill to repeal anti-sodomy laws there. CAFE picketed the graduation ceremony at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania on May 24, where Miller was awarded an honorary degree for having “championed the rights of women, minorities, and impoverished people,” according to a college release. (More on the link below)
(Gay City News)

NOTE: There was several news that could be listed between July and December 2014. I will try to update soon.

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